one corn taco, one chalupita, one flauta, one enchilada, and choice of rice or beans. $9.99

    SPECIAL #7

    QUESADILLA FUNDIDA- Stew beef quesadilla topped with homemade cheese sauce. Served with rice and beans. $7.50

      SPECIAL #3

      STEAK AND EGGS – Ribeye steak and two eggs, served with potatoes, grilled onions and peppers. $8.50


        Grilled with onions and bell peppers. Your choice of rice or beans. Choice of three side items. (side items include: lettuce, Pico de gallo, guacamole, sour cream, shredded cheese, or tomato)


          Pick 1 item $7.00 ~ Pick 2 items $8.00 (includes rice and beans) Enchilada ~ Burrito ~ Corn Taco ~ Chalupa ~ Tostada ~ Flauta ~ Tamale ~ Cheese Quesadilla

            SPECIAL #6

            (Huevos con Chorizo) Scrambled eggs and chorizo, served with rice, beans, and tortillas. $7.25

              SPECIAL #5

              One chimichanga. Served with rice or beans and a guacamole salad. $7.25  Shrimp $9.25

                SPECIAL #4

                Potatoes cooked with chorizo, onions and peppers. Served on a skillet topped with cheese. Served with rice, beans and tortillas. $7.75

                  SPECIAL #2

                  One chalupita, one corn taco, rice or beans. $7

                    SPECIAL #1

                    Chile relleno, corn taco, beans, and guacamole salad. $7